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Batchomundo 1/6 claimed, Open! Paypal +Autobuy!
✧old man voice✧ it's been 90 years, no jk but a new adopt batch wooo!

Paypal only because i just dont like the two? week wait TnT
Please commont below on the featured comments from me saying Offer for __ with your money offer! The auction ends when the final bid turns 5 hours old!

and of course, my 5$ patreons can still use their earlybird to pay 15$ for the adopt!
Commissions | Customs

  • Shadow Summoner
    • Summons shadowy creatures from any visible part of skin! the drawback is if their mouth is visible, the shadows can speak through them, which sometimes can be useful due to their shy nature and some shadows are helpful and charismatic, but there's always one that's vile or mean. 
    • Starting Price: $20
    • Autobuy: $25
  • Galactic Bounty
    • A Engaging space themed being who works at collecting bounties using their natural (and unnatural) talking skills, plenty of criminals have found themselves turning themselves in after looking at them and listening to them speak about the pros and cons of turning themselves in (mostly pro's to the galactic bounty, of course)
    • Starting Price: $20
    • Autobuy: $25
  • Prism Gardener
    • A Colorful gardener who when walking causes a rainbow of flowers to bloom below them, the flowers shift in color depending on their mood- so sometimes if they're expressing a deep anger anything around them will be a bright red, when otherwise calm, the entire rainbow is visible- of course, they're a very calm person naturally, so sometimes the skill goes under the radar. 
    • Starting Price: $20
    • Autobuy: $25
  • Oceanbound Spirit
    • A ghost who lives in a pirate ship, they are very ocean oriented to the point that they're able to manipulate saltwater expertly and tends to create sea creatures out of water for mobility and fighting. they can be sort of lonely, though. And no one really knows how they became a ghost. 
    • Starting Price: $20
    • Autobuy: $25
  • Pastel Rogue 
    • A sly rogue who uses their soft looks and underhanded moves get them through life. A rather active lazy person- they like to trick people into doing work for them without them ever knowing, but sometimes also likes to create rather interesting scenes to show the world they're still there, even though they hide in plain sight
    • Starting Price: SOLD
  • Aerial Navigator
    • A very excitable pilot- though the things they ride is far from normal- being able to create flying mounts out of anything through either construction and a little magic to allow them to fly, or literally taming things and making them large enough such as giant eagles, squirrels or the rare koi fish
    • Starting Price: $20
    • Autobuy: $25

✧note, all the blurbs you dont have to use! it's just how i imagined them when i was designing them 

The Ghost and Bat texture was created by SpoodleButt !
Shiro Application - Revoice OW
Name: Shiro 
Age: x
Birthday: x (likes to think of the lantern festival (Sep 23rd) as his birthday, but it's not actually)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Grey
Species: Demon

Height: 5'3
Build: Monster 
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: uh

Title: Soul Stealer
Demonic intervention: Due to his now demonic form, a lot of his once haven given skills have either corrupted or disappeared, His main skill, the smoke that once protected others in the land of the lost and hidden, now is reduced to allowing him or others safe travels into the planes. Using his smoke, depending on his tail's "Mode"- either open in a fan like shape, or closed in a bud like state- does different things.
  • Visible - when Shiro's tail is in a fan like open form, the smoke works as a way to look into the hidden, things that were once invisible or hard to find or see such as traps, ghosts and other invisible objects become visible and audible while the smoke is in effect. The magic stops once Shiro moves 15 feet away from the item and the smoke dissipates. The smoke lingers for around 3 rounds after Shiro has left but Shiro can abruptly end the skill by closing his tail 
  • Hidden - If Shiro's tail is in a bud like state, hiding the orb nestled on the tail from view, their smoke changes to represent this, Shiro can focus on up to three living beings- including himself, and make them hidden in the shadows.  Once activated, Shiro has to make sure that he stays 10 feet around the invisible to keep them from reappearing, since after 2 rounds of not being in the bubble of effect the affected will become visible again. When this smoke is in effect, enemies will have a very hard time detecting anyone to be where they are, due to them basically not being on the same plane anymore. Due to this, people who are hidden cant interact with living beings in any of the other planes until the magic is dropped, in which people will be able to notice them, specially if closeby the hidden. Much like the visible smoke, by opening his tail up shiro can end this skill abruptly
Shiro is able to do multiple things with this smoke, in it's raw form coming from his body is when the smoke is at it's strongest, however he can allow others to use his magic in smaller doses through either enchantment or bottling. 
  • Bottled - He may bottle both versions of his smoke to make a consumable "potion", both versions of the potion last up to two hours- one, the visible, allows the drinker to see the hidden much like Shiro can naturally, and the second potion keeps a person invisible, but not "hidden"- meaning unlike when Shiro is there with them, the user is only invisible and not on Shiro's plane, the drinker will still make noise and the keen will be able to sense someone nearby. 
  • Enchanted - Shiro may also enchant their magic onto items, these enchanted items are not powerful in any way and continuous or prolonged use will cause them to lose their magic for 5 hours and will need that time to recharge. For the visible enchant, this can be enchanted on things such as mirrors, glasses or anything with a reflection, hole or viewpoint to allow people to see into any plane wanted, be it the ghost plane, Shiro's plane or the normal plane to find hidden things such as traps or people. The hidden enchant can be enchanted on anything to shroud the item, the enchanted item will always be visible however, but it can hide the shape and size of things such as arms, horns or, for Shiro in particular, Skull faces. This enchant smooths anything under the enchanted item until they look naturally gone. Usually it takes around two hours of complete continuous use for an enchantment to need to recharge, however if given a few minutes to charge every so often, the enchanted items can be used for up to 6 hours until needing a full five hour recharge

Minor Skill(s): 
Deity of the Hidden - Due to his previous occupation, Shiro naturally can see and interact with the hidden without the need of magic, things like ghosts, traps and other various things become very obvious in his eyes, and on top of that he may touch or pull items from other planes back into the regular one, or even put things in the hidden plane to hide them from people. he cannot pull the living (or once living) from the hidden planes to the regular one.

Lingering Worship - Despite being a fallen deity, Shiro still has lingering connections to haven, this meaning he is magically attached to shrines dedicated to him. These shrines grant Shiro special abilities depending on if Shiro is inside or outside a mile wide radius to one. This magic will stop if all shrines dedicated to him are destroyed, but if a new one is to be built the magic will return, meaning being forgotten and left without a shrine will permanently kill him 
  • Inside 
    • When inside the Mile wide radius, shrines dedicated to him will make it so he does not need food, drink, nor sleep. Wounds act different in the radius around the shrines too, causing his blood and flesh to float and stay in the area it would naturally be without the damage, Shiro can still however feel pain and completely severed limbs while still usable can be pulled away from him and once a foot away will be unusable to Shiro until it's brought back into the foot radius. He cant die from blood loss in this area but he can 'perish' by severely damaging his brain or his heart- in which case he would disappear and revive back at the closest shrine with decent, but non fatal wounds. Wounds do not heal at all in this area, and unless he leaves the mile radius he'll never get better.
  • Outside
    • Outside the radius has a few different effects, but some still remain, such as being allowed to revive at the shrines dedicated to him if fatally wounded, no matter the distance to one. if anyone makes a new shrine, if it's closer to him than any of the older ones he'll revive there instead. Along with this Shiro has the ability to self heal when outside the mile radius of shrines, as long as one shrine exists his healing will persist. any level of wound, including disfiguring or amputation (as long as it's non fatal and treated for blood loss), will be healed in time. His healing depends on Shiro's mental state - a more happier Shiro will heal faster than if he was upset or distraught. The healing difference can be either 10x as fast, Like on good days where Shiro is fed and happy- in this state a broken arm will heal in about 5 days, however on horrible days, where Shiro may be starving and miserable, distraught or overall extremely upset, it can take x10 as long, meaning the same broken arm would take up to a year if his mood stayed consistently miserable. Leaving Donations at the shrines can boost his healing up to it's max for that day.
Shiro isnt knowledgeable about this skill's details other than sensing when a shrine for him has been created and the emotion based healing.

Weapon: His claws, Mouth
Weapon Type: Physical
Combat Style: Shiro's combat style, if ever in a situation where he has to protect others or himself, is very feral in nature due to the loss of most of his magic that allowed him to fight more elegantly. Shiro will charge and attack using his claws or teeth, biting down or clawing at the enemy, sometimes even gripping onto them and trying to prolong his attack for more damage. He doesn't have a very good escape plan after attacking however other than running away. 

Guild: N/A
Status: Hero 
Occupation: :(

Likes: Flowers, Sweets, Bubbly drinks, Meats, Recognition, Appreciation, Small creatures, Deer, Kirins, music✧
Dislikes: Flowers, Demons, owning up to his mistakes, people who think they know best and force it onto him, not being believed
Hobbies: Hunting, lantern making, cooking
Personality: Childish, emotional, attached, Sorta feral, protective and easy to get jealous but hard to act, acts aloof 

Home Region: Haven
Current Setting: Currently in Sapphire but will go to ruby and possibly other places 
History: Shiro would start as an unnamed deity created by the gods to protect the lost or hidden- one with major potential and power. Starting in a feral, deer like form, he would travel around sapphire to protect hidden towns and ghosts he found on his way. Eventually stumbling too close to a town during one of his patrols, a hybrid known as Chocolat would notice him and become enamored by the deer's ethereal form. Shiro would however rebuff the ageless elf hybrid and be on his way, but Chocolat would be determined- thinking Shiro was a havensent god, he would create a shrine and start giving the Deer offerings.

This would start a relationship with Shiro and Chocolat once Shiro sensed the shrine and returned to thank them, through a few minor interactions, including one where Shiro was stuck by the town edge due to an injured leg, Shiro would begin to fall for not only the town and it's helpful and thoughtful civilians, but also the elf that made him a shrine. Eventually Shiro would speak to the god he worked under about being with Chocolat more- of course, at first the god declined, but after constant begging would cave on two conditions. First of all he would take on a hybrid form, which would be far more vulnerable than his current, but secondly he must not let his duties as a deity become secondary and would have to shift into his deer form whenever doing them. Shiro agreed and was sent back to the town a hybrid. Shiro would spend the nights doing his deity job, while during the day he would live as a mortal, he would be diligent in his work and would actually work harder than before, causing the god Shiro worked under to be pleased with the turn of events.

Eventually however, the first outburst of demons would corrupt magus, far before the collapse- and Shiro's god would be completely blindsided by the corruption, quickly being taken in by it- and in turn Shiro himself would also be corrupted due to the connection he had with his god. Sudden intrusive thoughts would plague his mind, and to stop the unnatural urges, Shiro would pick off the elderly to try to curb his hiveminded thoughts. The town would grow scared, questioning everyone but believing anything Shiro would say due to his long record of protecting the town.

Fights, then a war-like witch hunt would transpire in the town, all while Shiro would degrade in the shadows- Shiro would confess to Chocolat about his corruption and the two would try to find a cure- however with the growing chaos, leaving the town without being questioned became almost impossible. Eventually the two would hide in their home due to them slowly starting to believe Chocolat to be the demon destroying their town and making Shiro weaker

Eventually Chocolat and Shiro would attempt to flee the town together- however before the two could escape the town members would find them, thinking Chocolat was going to take the guardian away from them, they quickly grabbed the elf and dragged him to the center of town- Shiro would desperately try to protect Chocolat, but would fail.. sending the already unstable deity into a anger filled eruption- and with a piercing scream, sudden fire would fill the town, turning everything to ash. Due to shiro's protection barrier however, the souls would stay intact, protected by the deity that just killed them.

Shiro would go into a semi-catatonic state after this, clinging to the soul of Chocolat- his form would grow into a more demonic, monstrous form and would act on autopilot, protecting the remains of the hidden town from any attacks from demons who sensed the souls that they wanted to consume, all while keeping his own want to feed on the souls of his friends at bay. The barrier would stay intact, keeping the town hidden from most- but it would weaken with age.

Eventually the hive minded, evil thoughts would dissipate with the end of the collapse, but everything he once loved was now gone, he'd never hear from haven and his once powerful magic would degrade into almost nothing. He would stay in the same place for decades, and Myths of the hidden town would become common in the towns over, and Shiro would be known as the Soul stealer due to his demonic form and the almost hundreds of visible souls around him, despite never stealing another's soul during this time.

Overview: Shiro hasn't interacted with people a lot and due to this, can sometimes be seen as childish or unknowing, this isnt to say he's naive, but instead Emotions seem to be alien to him at times despite being very emotional himself. He never truly knows what emotions are even when he might be expressing them. He learns a lot through watching others and adopts terms even though he may not understand them at the time. 

Due to this he can be seen as rather inconsiderate- but he is willing, and is actually very curious about learning more about how emotions work. Patience may be key with him, and if someone can stick around long enough Shiro can be a very loyal protective friend or lover. Once he falls for someone he loves them unconditionally and can become jealous easily, but also tends to try to act like he doesn't have these traits. He does have a lot of baggage with him from his past, but patience and kindness goes a long way with him. 

  • Due to his past he has a love hate relationship with flowers, while he adores them, they bring him to tears very quickly. 
  • he absolutely hates demons and doesn't understand the taming or domestication of them and can sometimes act out on this, wanting to attack pets or tamed demons to "protect his friends"
  • ✧he hasn't heard music yet but once he does he'll grow fond of it quickly, however meladis does affect him
  • he has a very loud yelling voice, not to the point where he's using magic to do it, but if he ends up screaming or yelling it may be audible farther away than normal voices
  • the kids in the town he lived in use to call him guarian, he can sometimes call himself it accidentally
  • His deer form has been lost to him for decades now, but he still associates himself with similar fauna much easier, and can sometimes grow to like deer or kirin like demons as long as they're not aggressive and the interactions are treated softly. Like introducing two animals to one another really... Deer and Kirin creatures tend to be more relaxed about him in return, and Shiro can somewhat understand and speak to them. He does know the demon language due to being a demon himself but he tends to ignore any creatures he hears due to hating them
  • ever since becoming a hybrid he's grown a liking to cooking and lantern making, he especially likes lanterns and lantern making due to the Lantern festival being his most associated holiday, however in his now demonic form he's been unable to do either of these hobbies.
  • Shiro can speak despite his lack of lips, when he speaks his mouth stays open and the voice comes out from him without him having to mouth the words, sorta spooky and echo-y
  • Due to his demonic form he's much more physically strong than he use to be, and through protecting the broken down town he's learnt how to use his body even though it was mostly during his 'autopilot' time, honestly his fighting is also almost in this autopilot mode
  • Despite the magic in his body dissipating, his deity magic is still in the world where he's placed barriers to protect hidden towns, however he cant manipulate these barriers at all anymore
  • he has pink, shimmery, sorta opalescent blood

Stats: [Statsheet] 
Custom FoxxyFuzzyy
Adopt custom for FoxxyFuzzyy !
I really enjoyed coloring the hair- tbh just in general just coloring this Sign Emoji-05 (Ok or money)   

End Fullbody
and scythe detail (detail in quotation marks tbh)


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